Vixen Labs Publishes Voice Consumer Index 2022 Report

Vixen Labs, an industry leader in the voice-AI space, has released their annual Voice Consumer Index. Learn more about VCI 2022 below and see what consumer trends are impacting the voice industry.

Vixen Labs Publishes Voice Consumer Index 2022 Report

Following the rise and decline of the COVID-19 pandemic, the reliance of consumers on voice technologies has continued to increase. The various ways in which this surging reliance has impacted both the trajectory of voice-enabled technologies and the lives of international consumers throughout the pandemic is analyzed in Vixen Labs’ 2022 Voice Consumer Index.


Vixen Labs thoroughly canvassed the consumer market to determine how the role of voice-activated devices has changed over the past year. The firm’s surveys spanned three countries (the UK, Germany, and US) and collected data from two-thousand participants in each country. Participants were selected across all major industry sectors to ensure a holistic sample of consumer behavior was achieved. Some of the key sections of the report include:

  • Latest research in the evolving voice environment
  • Consumer insights by device and location
  • Needs, wishes, and concerns expressed by consumers
  • Marketing recommendations for companies invested in voice

The findings in this report cover both comfort levels and overall satisfaction experienced by consumers who interact with voice technology, along with information about the continuous development of voice and voice-enabled technology around the world. The Open Voice Network is proud to be a sponsor of the Voice Consumer Index 2022, and we look forward to incorporating Vixen Labs’ important research into our ongoing efforts to make voice worthy of user trust. Click here to download the VCI 2022 report.


Vixen Labs is Europe’s leading strategy consultancy and app development studio for voice assistants and conversational AI. Put simply, they help global brands and businesses connect with audiences in the most intuitive way possible—with their voices. Visit to learn more about their ongoing work in the voice industry.

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