Who We Are

Cooperative. Public. Open.
Not for personal gains

Voice should be a resource for everyone - akin to the internet. People should be in control of their information

Take a look at some of the big problems our non-profit organization is solving.

01. Compliance

Are companies respecting regulation, public opinion, and delivering users privacy and security they deserve?

02. Transparency

When people share information with a voice assistant how is that information being used?

03. Trust

How can our efforts continue to build on The Linux Foundation’s history of trustworthy technology?

04. Support

How can we create open source standards that put all voice tech users before corporate gains?

Awesome People at The Open Voice Network

Preventing unintended consequences of voice

We have built up a community of over 1,000 people. These people come from a wide and diverse group of functions, interests, and roles. Everyone involved cares about protecting people and the brands that use voice as technology becomes more sophisticated. The promise of voice assistance was to serve people better, smarter, and faster in all settings where people interact with technology. The open-source technologies, standards, and guidelines we’re building will ensure that this technology continues to serve humanity and what needs to be done to continue protecting people based on widely adopted consensus sentiments.

How you can help

While our purpose is not to build a large organization, we do welcome every person’s contributions, opinions, and reviews of our work. Feel free to share your thoughts, ask questions, or get involved in any of these areas with us.

Our end goal is to create the ultimate in data security, identity protection, and prevention of financial loss for every individual, enterprise, and organization that uses voice assistance technology. A cause worthy of your time, energy, and support!

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