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Attend events, join a meeting, share the message on social media, review our work, and other opportunities to make the future of voice assistance worthy of user trust await you here. 


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We are intelligence in action. allows for Open Voice Network members to make contributions to our open source work through reviews of our papers, code, and more. Registration and login are required. Request access via email


Join in on 24/7 conversation around topics related to voice assistance, ethics, privacy, security, open source initiatives, and more. Connect and network with your peers around the world in our slack channels and keep track of your favorite topics.


Review the Open Voice Networks public body of work here on our website. This list includes our full list of published white papers, source code, and other documents critical to our mission as set forth by our charter, The Linux Foundation, and mission.

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01. Open Source

Collaborating on building trust in voice assistance transparently.

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User privacy is at the forefront of everything we do.

03. Security

We build systems and architectures that are secure.

04. Visionary

We build innovative offerings that further the promise of voice.

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Are you a Sponsoring Member of the Open Voice Network and in need of help from our leadership or The Linux Foundation? Please visit our Member Help Desk for resources.

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Help expand awareness of the critical mission to innovate voice while protecting user privacy. 

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We are striving to build open-source standards, ethical guidelines, and more for technology and industry-specific applications. Let us know if you have an idea and we'll help you to build a community around it. 

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