Introducing the TrustMark Initiative of the Open Voice Network

The Open Voice Network is proud to launch the TrustMark Initiative. This program identifies and celebrates the organizations and individuals committed to the principles and core values of trustworthy conversational AI. We encourage you to read our guiding principles below, meet the members of our Advisory Board, and learn how your organization can endorse the TrustMark Initiative.

Guiding Principles of the TrustMark Initiative

Trust is essential for conversational AI systems, which aim to create natural and meaningful interactions between humans and machines. We acknowledge that everyone who contributes to or benefits from these systems has a duty to ensure that they uphold established rights and fosters positive social values.

The vision for trustworthy conversational AI systems consists of six equally important pillars: transparency, inclusivity, accountability, sustainability, privacy, and compliance.


Conversational AI systems should deliver utility to users within publicly-stated parameters, and ensure that information on users is not leveraged beyond its intended purpose.


Conversational AI systems should be designed to bring people in, not shut them out, and thus should be equipped as necessary to accommodate underrepresented populations as well as they do overrepresented populations.


All stakeholders working to create conversational AI systems are accountable for the process of creating them, as well as the outcomes they cause.


Conversational AI systems, whether in ongoing functionality or in their development, should not compromise the economic, social, or environmental sustainability of our shared future.


Users of conversational AI systems have the right to understand how their data is being used and how any conversational AI system is making decisions.


Conversational AI systems should not merely align with an abstract sense of morality and ethics but should also comply in absolute terms with current laws and regulations.

We strive to design, promote, collaborate on, and implement conversational AI solutions that respect these principles. We invite others to join us in this commitment to foster trust and confidence to make voice worthy of user trust.

The Open Voice Network’s Ethical Use Task Force laid the foundation for these pillars in their published white paper Ethical Guidelines for Voice Experiences.

Endorse the TrustMark Initiative

Your help is needed to secure our shared future. The Open Voice Network invites enterprises, organizations, and individuals to endorse and uphold the ethical AI principles
of the TrustMark Initiative. Partner with us in this commitment to foster trust and confidence to make conversational AI worthy of user trust. We also invite you to upload a high-resolution logo file for us to display below.

How You and Your Organization Can Get Involved

TrustMark Initiative Training Courses from the Open Voice Network

The Open Voice Network is currently developing a series of educational courses for individuals and organization members who wish to gain certification in the TrustMark Initiative. These 3-4 hour courses will be available through the edX platform and will offer further insight on how you and your organization can ensure your use and development of conversational AI meets the standards and guiding principles set forth in the TrustMark Initiative. 

Below you will find a few example slides from our upcoming “Ethical Principles for Conversational AI” course. The video to the right also contains an excerpt from Chapter 4 of this course, titled “Voice Data Analysis.” Enjoy these previews and check back soon for links to the full course as it becomes available.

TrustMark Initiative Self-Assessment Maturity Model

The Open Voice Network is also developing a self-assessment maturity model for organizations who wish to see how their current structure and strategies line up with the guiding principles established by the TrustMark Initiative. Organizations who take part in the maturity model can expect the following:

  • Web-based questionnaire that leads your organization through an in-depth self-assessment
  • Independent audit conducted on your organization’s framework as it pertains to the TrustMark Initiative
  • Upon completion and approval, your organization’s name and logo added to a public list of TrustMark Initiative approved organizations
  • Your public pledge of support for the TrustMark Initiative

Check back soon for updates on the TrustMark Initiative educational courses and the self-assessment maturity model currently in development at the Open Voice Network.

Organizations and Individuals Who Have Endorsed the TrustMark Initiative

The Open Voice Network would like to celebrate the organizations and individuals displayed below. These endorsers have committed to the principles and core values of the TrustMark Initiative. Click on each organization’s name to visit their website.




J. Christopher CCV LLC


Frost & Sullivan






Intelligent Health Association

TrustMark Initiative Advisory Board

The TrustMark Initiative Advisory Board is made up of industry thought leaders who demonstrate a commitment to the values of the TrustMark Initiative through their organizations and their ongoing work in the field of conversational AI. The Open Voice Network is honored to introduce these nine individuals to the TrustMark Initiative Advisory Board. Please tap each board member’s name to learn more about their background.

Hans van Dam

Conversation Design Instiitute

Ashok Krish

Kaizen Secure Voiz

Dr. Yaa Kumah-Crystal

Vanderbilt University

Bradley Metrock

Project Voice

Laura Miller

Shadowing AI

Dr. Anais Rameau

Cornell University

Doug Rogers

Wegmans Food Markets

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