Your feedback makes a difference

Let us know what concerns you about using voice assistance technologies. 

Help shape the future standards for open source voice technology

The Open Voice Network Interoperability and TrustMark Initiative projects are aiming to make voice assistance worthy of user trust and democratize its availability. Help us to understand your perspective as an individual or business. Here are some of the questions we’re already asking:

  • How would transparent standards enhance your or your clients' trust in voice technology?

  • Does your business have questions about voice technology and how it can improve customer experience?

  • How do you know if your or your customers' information & personal identifiers will remain secure?

  • Would you like to be informed about the standards voice providers are using?

  • How would having control over your information help you feel better about your voice-enabled experience?

Our goal in collecting and using your feedback is to help more organizations build voice technologies that put humans and society first.

This information is confidentially collected by the Open Voice Network and The Linux Foundation. It will be used exclusively for the creation of open source standards.