Future of Voice Podcast Episode 14 Now Available

Future of Voice Podcast Ep. 14: Enhancing the Customer Journey Through Tailored Shopping Experiences with Shilp Agarwal

Shilp Agarwal, Co-Founder and CEO of Blutag, returns for another episode of the Future of Voice Podcast!

The last time Shilp visited the podcast, we discussed the shopping experience and how voice might intersect with that customer journey. While many organizations equate the value of voice solely to the transaction, it’s Shilp’s philosophy that there’s much more value that can be generated aside from just revenue – including tasks and preferences that make up a customer’s shopping behavior. As this type of user-centric data is captured, brands will change how customers build their carts and participate in the overall shopping experience.

Join us as Shilp shares further insight into the customer journey, the role of generative AI in digital commerce and shopping, and the next milestones we’ll see from large language models as they relate to retail and ecommerce.

The Future of Voice Podcast is hosted by Jon Stine, Executive Director of the Open Voice Network, a community of The Linux Foundation.

The Open Voice Network is dedicated to making voice worthy of user trust. Learn more at openvoicenetwork.org.

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