Why standards are critical to the future of voice

AI-voice enabled devices and technology will soon be the new norm. How will the play out in a world that lacks standards and proper safeguards related to voice? It’s clear that artificial intelligence-enabled voice assistance is one of today’s most transformative technologies. Its availability and usage adoption is growing rapidly. According to Juniper Research, some 3.25 billion […]

The Ethics of AI Assistance: 3 Big Questions We All Must Answer

The convenience and time-saving abilities that voice assistants and AI-voice bring are undeniable. But what is the cost of such benefits? What will our lives look like after widespread adoption? The Open Voice Network is a non-profit industry association, formed to make the world of voice assistance worthy of user trust. We’ll do that through […]

Vixen Labs Publishes Voice Consumer Index 2022 Report

Vixen Labs, an industry leader in the voice-AI space, has released their annual Voice Consumer Index. Learn more about VCI 2022 below and see what consumer trends are impacting the voice industry. Following the rise and decline of the COVID-19 pandemic, the reliance of consumers on voice technologies has continued to increase. The various ways […]