PRESS RELEASE: The Linux Foundation’s Open Voice Network Launches Ethical Principles for Conversational AI Training Course on edX Platform

Ethical Principles for Conversational AI Training Course Now Available on edX

The Open Voice Network, an open-source association of The Linux Foundation, formally announces the launch of the Ethical Principles for Conversational AI training course. This course is available for individuals and organizations who wish to learn more about the ethical principles surrounding the growing world of conversational AI. The training course is available via the edX platform.

This training course outlines the principles and frameworks needed for individuals and organizations to avoid potential harm as conversational AI becomes ingrained into society. Those enrolled in the course learn the benefits and capabilities of conversational AI, the ethical issues and implications tied to the technology, and the ethical challenges that relate to its use. The creation of this course was led by the Open Voice Network’s Ethical Use Task Force.

“The impact of conversational AI on various stakeholders involved in its development and deployment is significant, and it is imperative to consider the ethical implications,” states Oita Coleman, Senior Advisor at the Open Voice Network. “This course teaches proactive steps that can be taken to avoid any negative consequences. The training offers practical guidance to individuals and organizations on how to tackle the ethical, social, and business challenges associated with these technologies. This is the first deliverable of the TrustMark Initiative, which seeks to provide concrete solutions to the question, ‘how do we operationalize these ethical principles in our organization?’ and the demand, ‘help us translate the principles into action!’

The Ethical Principles for Conversational AI training course is a component of the Open Voice Network’s recently launched TrustMark Initiative. This initiative aims to identify and celebrate the individuals and organizations who are committed to the principles and core values of trustworthy conversational AI. The course is free and open to any individual or organization who would like to learn more about leveraging conversational AI in a way that is ethical, safe, and respectful of natural human rights. To find the course, visit the edX platform and search for Ethical Principles for Conversational AI.

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