Future of Voice Podcast Episode 12 Now Available

Future of Voice Podcast Ep. 12: The Future of Conversational AI in Healthcare with Drs. David Metcalf & Dexter Hadley

Dr. David Metcalf of UCF’s Institute for Simulation and Training and Dr. Dexter Hadley of UCF’s College of Medicine join us for Episode 12 of the Future of Voice Podcast!

As the popularity and knowledge of generative AI and large language models continues to rise, the primary question for many stakeholders is moving from “what is it?” to “how will we use it?” – and the implications for consumers and healthcare professionals therein.

Our guests examine some of the biggest opportunities the healthcare industry faces in regards to Conversational AI, as well as the risks that will be present now and in the future. We also discuss what tools and processes healthcare organizations can take now to address these critical issues, and how trust – for data, privacy – must become paramount in order to improve patient outcomes across the board.

The Future of Voice Podcast is hosted by Jon Stine, Executive Director of the Open Voice Network, a community of The Linux Foundation.

The Open Voice Network is dedicated to making voice worthy of user trust. Learn more at openvoicenetwork.org.

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