Future of Voice Podcast Episode 10 Now Available

Future of Voice Podcast Ep. 10: Conversational Agents and Voice-Sentiment Analysis with Yalim Eriştiren

Yalim Eriştiren, Regional Director, North America at Sestek, joins us for Episode 10 of the Future of Voice Podcast.

With voice being the most innate form of communication between human beings, it’s only natural that many of our thoughts and emotions seep into the words we speak. What if we could extract these feelings and use them to better communicate with the individuals with whom we’re speaking? This is just what Yalim and Sestek are working to achieve. By performing a caller sentiment analysis, the organization is able make note of tone, tension, acoustics, and more to better understand the caller’s mindset and adjust the response of a conversational agent accordingly. Today we look at the possibilities this technology will lead to, along with use cases that show how these processes can help us improve processes and overall communication.

The Future of Voice Podcast is hosted by Jon Stine, Executive Director of the Open Voice Network, a community of The Linux Foundation.

The Open Voice Network is dedicated to making voice worthy of user trust. Learn more at openvoicenetwork.org.

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