Open Voice Network April 2023 Newsletter

The Open Voice Network in April 2023 – Notes from the Executive Director Want to hear this news earlier? Sign up for the OVON Newsletter to be the first to know what’s happening at the Open Voice Network. OPEN VOICE NETWORK AT HIMSS AND PROJECT VOICE – JOIN THE CONVERSATIONS HEALTHCARE INFORMATION AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS […]

Future of Voice Podcast Episode 9 Now Available

Future of Voice Podcast Ep. 9: Integrating Technology to Enhance Processes and Create Value with Megan Burns Megan Burns, Strategic Business Connector & Marketing Consultant at Megan Burns Biz and Catalyst at Azafran Capital Partners, joins us for Episode 9 of the Future of Voice Podcast. As Conversational AI becomes more commonplace across major industries, […]

Open Voice Network Interoperability Protocols for Conversational Assistants Webinar

Learn What’s Needed for Agent-to-Agent Interoperability Users are rapidly adopting conversational assistants, but no single agent can do everything that a user needs. The Open Voice Network Interoperability and TrustMark Initiative projects are creating standards that will enable independently developed conversational assistants to collaborate in addressing users’ goals in order to provide a more frictionless […]

Open Voice Network TrustMark Initiative Webinar – 29 March

Hosted by Oita Coleman and the leaders of the Ethical Use Task Force – 29 March 18:00 Central European Summer Time |12:00 Eastern Daylight Time | 09:00 Pacific Daylight Time Introducing the TrustMark Initiative from the Open Voice Network Join Oita Coleman and leaders from the Open Voice Network’s Ethical Use Task Force for an […]

Open Voice Network Insider’s Briefing – Wednesday, 15 March, 2023

A Special Event for Friends, Ambassadors, and Industry Advisors of the Open Voice Network In early February, Open Voice Network Senior Advisor Oita Coleman was one of thirty participants – and three presenters – in the global Voice Symposium of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It was a chance for Gates Foundation leaders to […]

Future of Voice Podcast Episode 8 Now Available

Future of Voice Podcast Ep. 8: Leveraging Conversational Commerce to Build Customer Loyalty with Shilp Agarwal Shilp Agarwal, Co-Founder and CEO of Blutag, joins us for Episode 8 of the Future of Voice Podcast. Nearly everyone who uses the internet is familiar with the various ways brands use data to provide further value to their […]

AI has no body language

Special thanks to Leslie Pound, CEO of TaDa Labs, Co-Founder of talkAnimate, and member of the Open Voice Network Ethical Use Task Force, for writing this guest article. ~ One of the first questions people ask an AI entity, especially ones with avatars, is “who/what are you?” When I first sat down to talk to […]

Future of Voice Podcast Episode 7 Now Available

Future of Voice Podcast Ep. 7: Human-Centric Experiences for AI Assistants with Hans van Dam Hans van Dam, CEO of the Conversation Design Institute and Co-Founder of the Conversational Academy, joins us for Episode 7 of the Future of Voice Podcast. Have you ever had a conversation with a chatbot? You may not think about […]

George Santos and ChatGPT. And You and Me.

The gods must be giggling. It can’t be a coincidence that ChatGPT and George Santos came onto the scene at roughly the same time. ChatGPT, as we know, is generative AI on a very large language model. George Santos, as we know, is the recently-elected member of the U.S House of Representatives. One is a […]