The Open Voice Network (OVN) is dedicated to making voice assistance worthy of user trust—especially for a future of voice assistance that will be multi-platform, multi-device, multi-modal, and multi-use.


The Open Voice Network will achieve its vision through the development and proposal of standards to the global voice industry. We envision standards that enable trust-worthy accessibility, identification and authentication, data privacy, and interoperability.


The Open Voice Network is guided by four principles. It is: (1) user-centric, reflecting the interests of enterprises, media and marketers, designers and developers, as well as platforms; (2) pragmatic, based in today’s realities and tomorrow’s feasibilities; (3) committed to open, objective, and ethical decision-making, where no one entity unfairly benefits; (4) focused on results.

History and Affiliations

The Open Voice Network emerged from 2016-2018 research on the potential of AI-enabled voice assistance conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Auto-ID Laboratory, Capgemini Consulting, and the Intel Corporation. In late 2018, seed funding was provided to initiate research into voice assistance technologies and potential standards, and to develop The Open Voice Network.