Voice Chats

From the Open Voice Network: Voice Chats. We host conversations between industry experts on tech, retail, commerce, and inclusion around voice. Explore our most recent Voice Chats below, or subscribe to the OVON YouTube channel to receive notifications when new conversations premiere.

Voice Chats #1: How and Why Retailers Should be Looking at Voice

Voice Chats #2: Addressing Privacy Risk

Voice Chats #4: Customer Journey with Arjen Bonsing

Voice Chats #5: Opportunities in Voice with Arjen Bonsing

Voice Chats #6: Education Committee with Rich Merrett and Julie Daniel Davis

Voice Chats #7: Voice and Its Value in Media & Entertainment with Donald Buckley and Janice Mandel

Voice Chats #8: Commerce Community Members Discuss the Application of Voice in a Commercial Context

Voice Chats #9: The Value of Voice in the Health, Wellness, and Life Sciences Community of OVON

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