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Steer and guide the development of the decision-making process for open source voice assistance standards. Sponsorship is open to enterprise businesses, public entities, and credentialed advisors in business, regulatory bodies, or open source initiatives.

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Research, Development, Collaboration, Decisions

Sponsors help shape the future of voice technology, value propositions, provider ecosystems, competition, and information privacy. You’ll also receive first-hand access to our industry events, leadership, partners, and research. This highest level of network membership comes with extreme value for your business and leadership teams. 


Insights, Global Perspective, Authority

Better Voice Technology for Business


We are working with leading global research institutions and universities on open-source standards development. These invaluable insights will help your business optimize its voice technology strategy.


Meet with innovative leaders, analysts, and developers of voice assistant technologies to help shape ecosystems, ethical use, and consumer-facing technologies.

Decision Making

Sponsoring members are the body of our steering committee. Your membership guarantees that you'll lead the future of open source voice assistance development.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Is your enterprise or organization interested in contributing to the Open Voice Network’s mission? We encourage you to become a Sponsoring Member of the Open Voice Network.

Sponsoring Members are enterprises that provide financial support and executive leadership to the Open Voice Network. Sponsorship is open worldwide to enterprises and public entities, as well as those that advise or represent such enterprises and entities.

The Open Voice Network has financial support programs designed for every size organization and budget. Tap the button below to learn more.

$100,000 USD per annum | Total of $300,000 USD across a three-year commitment

The Open Voice Network Platinum Sponsors serve on the Open Voice Network Steering Committee

Serve on and guide other Open Voice Network decision-making bodies

Advise and guide Open Voice standards-centric research

$50,000 USD per annum | Total of $150,000 USD across a three-year commitment

Represented on the Open Voice Network Steering Committee

May participate in other Open Voice Network committees

$25,000 USD per annum | Total of $75,000 USD across a three-year commitment

Active voice in standards decision-making and Open Voice Network outreach

$7,500 USD per annum | Total of $22,500 USD across a three-year commitment

Active voice in standards decision-making and Open Voice Network outreach

The Linux Foundation offers Crowdfunding support for The Open Voice Network via their website. The Open Voice Network is devoted to the development of technical standards and usage guidelines that will make voice worthy of user trust—open, standards based, interoperable, privacy minded, and data protected.

You can make a donation to The Open Voice Network via The Linux Foundation at this link - Crowdfunding.

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The Open Voice Network Steering Committee

Our group of informed advisors, subject matter experts, and stakeholders provide a vast wealth of input on business, financial, operational, and technical matters. Steering Committee members all share in our mission, vision, and values of a future where open-source voice technology delivers the value businesses seek while offering the protections users demand. We strive to seek diverse personalities, voices, opinions, and cultural interests across our steering committee to ensure that all relevant topics are heard and addressed in our important work. With a rapidly growing base of friends, contributors, and members this group helps us continuously weigh what’s important and keep on track to our desired results. To learn how to join our steering committee, become a sponsor of our work, share your opinions on voice assistance technologies, or become a friend of The Open Voice Network please visit our Contact Us or Friends page.

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Schwarz Gruppe, Chair of the Technical Committee

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