Smart Speakers + VoLTE = 5 billion users and market disruption

Mon, Apr 6, 2020

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What happens when 5B+ users jump to a new, easier method of engagement for brands and businesses? And what happens when there lacks a specific set of standards and safety nets? We may soon find out.

Smart Speakers + VoLTE = 5 billion users and market disruption

A recently published study by Juniper Research forecasts that the global number of VoLTE (voice over LTE) users will approach 5 billion by 2024 (up from 2 billion in 2019), driven in large part by the use of more than 220 million voice assistant-equipped smart speakers worldwide.

Two notable points from Juniper’s press release:


In such a scenario, might a DNS-like registry for voice destinations be critically important?

In such a scenario, might standards on such issues as user identification and authentication, data privacy, and interoperability also be important?

Might the communal development and delivery of standards accelerate conversational AI toward its full potential for consumers and enterprises alike?

We happen to think so.

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