One Day—More than 1 Million Retail Orders via Voice

Tue, Mar 31, 2020

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While some brand's are still trying to find their footing, Alibaba has already found their (AI) voice.

One Day—More than 1 Million Retail Orders via Voice

If you’ve ever wondered about the feasibility of AI-voice and commerce, consider the role of Alibaba’s AliGenie voice assistant during last year’s Singles Day, the 11-11 Global Shopping Festival.

According to China retailing savant David Roth, CEO of The Store WPP EMEA and Asia, more than one million orders to Alibaba were placed and paid for through AliGenie this past November 11th.

And, it was wonderfully easy. Shoppers said “I want _____” to AliGenie, and AliGenie (which is resident on more than 250 million devices) provided recommendations from some 900 voice-believing brands. Payment was executed immediately and securely through Alipay.

One million orders by voice. Communicated, confirmed, and paid.

Voice is the easiest way for a shopper to say YES. And clearly a valuable part of 24 hours for Alibaba that delivered revenues in excess of $38.3 billion USD.

Voice and commerce.

With more than one million reasons consumer-facing enterprises need the global voice destination, data privacy, identification, and interoperability standards envisioned by the Open Voice Network.

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