Introducing the OVON Virtual Ambassador

Mon, Feb 7, 2022

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“Hey Google, open O.V.O.N. Ambassador!”

Introducing the OVON Virtual Ambassador

The Open Voice Network is proud to announce the creation of an “OVON Virtual Ambassador” to help address incoming queries proposed by those interested in the work of OVON. The virtual ambassador, developed by RedFox AI (one of our “Friends of the Open Voice Network” organizations), can be accessed via Google Assistant and Alexa by using the following wake words:

By using these wake words or visiting the quick links for Google or Alexa, users can ask questions to learn more about the Open Voice Network, how to get involved, as well as general information about voice and conversational AI.

Some questions you may ask our OVON Virtual Ambassador include:

Using our Virtual Ambassador, you can learn more about our mission, discover ways you can contribute, and understand the advantages of open standards in voice experiences. As ambassadors of the voice industry, it’s only fitting that we use voice assistance to further our message! Try it for yourself.