In voice, free isn't free when you pay with your data

Mon, Feb 24, 2020

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If you're thinking of integrating a "free" third-party voice assistant into your company or product, you may want to hit the brakes. Learn why free isn't always free with excerpts from this article by Soundhound.

 In voice, free isn't free when you pay with your data

A thought-provoking excerpt from Soundhound’s excellent overview on enterprise value creation through AI-voice. You can find the complete report here.

“In spite of the predictions about the future of voice assistants, many companies continue to approach the technology with caution. For organizations still in the exploration phase, one of the greatest challenges to moving ahead is likely choosing between developing and implementing a custom voice assistant versus installing a third-party ‘free’ application. The key here is to reframe the conversation from a price comparison to a discussion about the value of customer connections, market data, customer information, and future-proofing your products.”

“When approaching the C-suite and key stakeholders about the viability of adopting voice AI into your products, begin with a discussion about the available options. Start your conversations around the definition of “free” and the actual costs of integrating third-party voice assistants into your products or devices. When examined more closely, the price you pay for implementing a free solution may be too high.”

“Unseen costs of not owning your voice experiences include: loss of market data, no access or control over customer data, lack of customer connection to your brand, inability to differentiate in the market, and loss of customer privacy.”


How will your company address the future of voice? What’s more important—maintaining a lowered fixed cost or owning the data your customers are willing to share with you? We know which side of the scale to emphasize, but which companies will follow?

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