Crowdfunding Opportunities Now Available at the Linux Foundation

Wed, Jan 26, 2022

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Looking for more ways to support the Open Voice Network? Visit the Linux Foundation to submit your donation.

Crowdfunding Opportunities Now Available at the Linux Foundation

We are excited to announce that the Linux Foundation, of which the Open Voice Network operates as a directed fund, has established a crowdfunding resource for our organization. This is in response to the overwhelming growth of the Open Voice Network and the desire to expand the reach of the organization even further. Crowd-sourced funds will be directly invested in OVON standards research, demo development, and publication.

The Linux Foundation is one of the world’s largest open source projects, which supports the growth of open technology ecosystems that transform industries. It’s also home to an incredible catalog of open source projects, including the Open Voice Network.

Why Should You Donate?

The Open Voice Network is dedicated to the development of technical standards and usage guidelines that will make voice assistance worthy of user trust—open, standards-based, interoperable, privacy-minded, and data-protecting.

“Would you prefer to shape the future of voice or passively be shaped by it? If you prefer the former, the Open Voice Network is the place for you. Please join us.”

Jon Stine, Executive Director of the Open Voice Network

If you choose to participate in our crowdfunding efforts, you will make a significant impact on the future of voice by helping us broaden our outreach and invest in future developments. Organizations around the world contribute to Linux Foundation projects like the Open Voice Network because they want to take an active role in supporting the growth and evolution of open technologies—and now you can, too.

Thank you to everyone in the OVON community for helping us accelerate this important work!