Can You See the Future?

Wed, Apr 28, 2021

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The future use of brand-, business-, and organizational-specific conversational agents? Fulfilling the needs of tomorrow's consumers, patients, and client? We need your help.

Can You See the Future?

If you think you can see the future—even a wee bit—we need your help. Especially if you’re one of the brilliant minds developing tools, components, or systems for independent conversational agents.

Right now the Open Voice Network’s Architecture Work Group is developing a library of anticipated, ever-more-complex usage scenarios. They’re receiving scenarios from the Network’s usage communities, and from our privacy and ethical use teams.

We need your vision of the future. Of the highly complex, deeply connected, dialogs of next year and beyond, with dialog context and controls shared right, left, and everywhere.

Because right now our team is beginning to build a list of requirements. And to categorize those requirements. And to find commonalities.

From this work will emerge proposals for standardization. From this work will emerge the future of voice assistant systems and conversational agents. Won’t you help us?

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