Become a Friend of OVON

Introducing the Friends of the Open Voice Network program. Friends of the Open Voice Network bring invaluable leadership and expertise to our Work Groups and Communities. We welcome your participation and this public demonstration of support. The program is simple, allowing you to:

  • publicly show your support of OVON (e.g. placing the OVON logo on your website and social profiles, formally identifying yourself and/or your firm as an Open Voice Network Friend), and...
  • submit your logo to be featured on our website, in promotional materials, and in our launch announcements.

To become a Friend of the Open Voice Network, please take the following steps.

  • Review and agree to these terms and conditions:
    • Non-Membership Participation – Friend understands that the participants in the Friends of the Open Voice Network Program are not considered “members” of the Project, and as such, benefits of Project membership do not apply to Friends.
    • Open Voice Network Community or Ambassador Participation – Friend participates regularly in one or more of the Communities of the Open Voice Network through publicly available means, or is active as a recognized Ambassador in outreach on behalf of the Open Voice Network.
    • Project Participation – Friend acknowledges that any contributions or participation activities Friend chooses to undertake within the technical projects of the Project are subject to adherence to the applicable technical charter for each such project.
    • Display of Friend Logo – The Project is authorized to display Friend’s logo to show Friend’s participation in the Program. The Project will comply with reasonable trademark usage guidelines that Friend may supply to the Project. The Project is authorized to announce, in a blog, press release, or other disclosure, Friend’s participation in the Program.
    • Display by Friend of the Project’s Logo – Provided that Friend at all times complies with the trademark usage guidelines located here, Friend may display the provided Open Voice Network Friend Program Logo (the “Program Logo”) to demonstrate Friend’s participation in the Program. Friend will discontinue all display of the Program Logo upon the earlier to occur of (a) termination of this Agreement or (b) a request to discontinue display by the Linux Foundation.
  • Visit this OVON Friend Agreement e-document and complete the Friend Agreement Form. Once received, we’ll send you the official OVON logo for your use as an official “Friend of the Open Voice Network.”
  • Send your logo using the form below (.svg or .ai format preferred, if possible) for inclusion in the revised OVON website.

Organization Name:

Logo (.svg or .ai format preferred, if possible):