Show Me the Money — Monetizing Voice: Part 1 Webinar

Moderated by Donald Buckley

The possibilities for voice-enabled AI are endless, and we’re seeing the future unfold right before our eyes. However, when we discuss ethics, interoperability, privacy, or any number of voice-related topics, there exists one driving force that leads to a core question—where’s the money?

The Open Voice Network is excited to launch our latest webinar series, Show Me the Money – Monetizing Voice. This three-part series will explore the financial component of the growing voice industry, namely where money will be found with and through voice. We’ll discuss how brands and agencies can justify the investment in voice with concrete examples of enterprise, B2B, and B2C use cases that focus on revenue, operational efficiency, and cost reduction.

Join us on 29 June, 2022 at 15:00 ET for Part 1 of the series, featuring an expert panel composed of prominent members of the voice community—Shyamala Prayaga, Roger Kibbe, Ron Jaworski, Nick Godfrey, and Donald Buckley.

We hope to inform attendees on the current landscape in voice as it pertains to investing, while also providing a glimpse into the future of how organizations will utilize voice to increase cash flow and redefine their business.

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Show Me the Money — Monetizing Voice: Part 1 Webinar

Time: 29 June | 21:00 CET / 15:00 ET / 12:00 PT


  • Donald Buckley – Moderator | Co-Head, Lullaboo Studios & VoiceTech Advisor
  • Shyamala Prayaga | Author, Speaker, and Senior Software Product Manager at Nvidia
  • Roger Kibbe | Senior Developer Evangelist at Samsung Research America
  • Ron Jaworski | CEO at Trinity Audio
  • Nick Godfrey | COO at RAIN

Panelist Bios:

Donald Buckley – Moderator | Co-Head, Lullaboo Studios & VoiceTech Advisor

As Chief Marketing Officer of Showtime Networks Inc., Donald Buckley led marketing for series including Homeland, Billions and Shameless, Showtime Sports and Showtime Documentary Films. He created and led the marketing organization that launched Showtime’s Streaming OTT service in 2015. Previously, as Warner Bros.’ SVP, Interactive Marketing, Buckley founded its Interactive Marketing department. Among the hundreds of movies released during Buckley’s tenure were the Harry Potter and The Dark Knight franchises. He is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences and currently advisor to a number of media companies and startups in voice-tech, gaming, TV, content, social, data security, app development and research.

Shyamala Prayaga | Author, Speaker, and Senior Software Product Manager at Nvidia

Shyamala Prayaga is a self-driven evangelist for UX and voice technology who recognizes the societal and cultural benefits of voice tech evolution. She possesses the insight and knowledge that comes with experience and leadership from her technical, development, and design roles. Shyamala has over eighteen years of experience designing for mobile, web, desktop, and smart TV interfaces, along with more than six years of experience designing voice interfaces for Connected Home Experience, Automotive, and Wearables. Shyamala’s work on research into usability, accessibility, speech recognition, multimodal voice user interfaces, and user interfaces for research and educational use cases has been published internationally, and her interviews have been published within several magazines and podcasts, including Forbes, the healthy code, Automotive, and TU-Auto magazines. Shyamala regularly speaks and presents workshops about voice and UX, and she has spoken at prominent industry events, such as the Chatbot Summit in Sydney, Business of Bots in San Francisco, the Michigan Celebration of Women in Computing in Grand Rapids, and many more.

Roger Kibbe | Senior Developer Evangelist at Samsung Research America

Roger Kibbe is a strategist, technologist, and big-picture thinker and achiever. He is an enabler of technology as a strategic business advantage, as well as an expert in voice assistants, voice technology, and conversational AI design and development. Roger has a successful history of working across industries and with companies from early-stage startups to Fortune 500. Along with being skilled in technology strategy, communication, developer evangelism and advocacy, web, and mobile technology, Roger is also a thought leader and speaker who is sought-after for industry leading conferences, including Voice Summit, Project Voice, Samsung SDC, NRF, Dreamforce, and VMWorld. He is also an active Ambassador for the Open Voice Network and Host of the Bixby Developers Chat podcast.

Ron Jaworski | CEO at Trinity Audio

Ron Jaworski is a big believer in the power of audio and voice. His work involves helping publishers and content creators create smart audio experiences from their content. Ron is currently the CEO at Trinity Audio, a self-described voice and audio enthusiast, speaker, and an official member of Forbes Business Council.

Nick Godfrey | COO at RAIN

Nick Godfrey is the COO for RAIN, a pioneer in voice and conversational AI. Through his work at RAIN, Nick helps brands innovate at the intersection of marketing and technology by defining voice strategies, designing conversational experiences, and building voice technology software. Together with his team at RAIN, Nick works with the world’s most ambitious brands across finance, consumer products, hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, and more.