ISCA SPSC Symposium

2nd Symposium on Security and Privacy in Speech Communication

Speech and voice are media through which we express ourselves. Speech communication can be used to command virtual assistants, to transport emotion or to identify oneself. How can we strengthen security and privacy for speech representation types in user-centric human/machine interaction?

Interdisciplinary exchange is in high demand. The need to better understand and develop user-centric security solutions and privacy safeguard in speech communication is of growing importance for commercial, forensic, and government applications. The SPSC Symposium is a platform to seek better designed services and products as well as better informed policy papers for legislators and governance. The symposium is organized by the ISCA SPSC special interest group and the VoicePrivacy Challenge Team.

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ISCA SPSC Symposium

Time: 23-24 September, 2022


  • Jon Stine—Keynote Speaker