Crowdfunding for the Open Voice Network

As one of its directed funds and open source communities, the Open Voice Network is excited to announce the establishment of a crowdfunding platform for our organization on behalf of The Linux Foundation. This development is in direct response to the ongoing growth of the Open Voice Network and our desire to expand the reach of our organization. Crowd-sourced funds will be directly invested in OVON standards research, demo development, and publication.

Why Should You Donate

The Open Voice Network is devoted to the development of technical standards and usage guidelines that will make voice worthy of user trust—open, standards based, interoperable, privacy minded, and data protected.

“Would you prefer to shape the future of voice or passively be shaped by it? If you prefer the former, the Open Voice Network is the place for you. Please join us.”

Jon Stine, Executive Director of the Open Voice Network
By choosing to participate in our crowdfunding efforts, you will have a significant impact on the future of voice through the broadening of our reach as an organization, as well as through the investments of future standards developments. Organizations around the world contribute to Linux Foundation projects like the Open Voice Network due to their desire to take an active role in supporting the growth and development of voice technologies and the standards and guidelines around them—and now, you can too.

Support the Work of the Open Voice Network

AI-enabled voice assistance is reshaping digital usage for consumers and organizations across the world. However, today’s AI-voice environment is like the early, pre-standards days of the internet—no recognized registry of destination or dispatch names, and no assured way for consumers to find companies or brands. In such an environment, there’s a critical need for leaders (enterprise users and developers alike) to join together and develop the standards that will allow this transformative technology to reach its full, open, potential. Standards that encourage use and growth. Standards that enable competitive differentiation. Standards that will give everyone their voice. This is the reason for the Open Voice Network—a non-profit association of enterprises, tech firms, developers, and researchers who believe that conversational AI will deliver the most to the most when it is standards based, open, accessible to all, data protected, and interoperable.

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