The Open Voice Network Interoperability and TrustMark Initiative projects are proud to be affiliated with renowned technology groups from across the world. Our organization is committed to partnering with these groups to broaden our reach into the voice and communication industries and to make voice assistance worthy of user trust. Learn more about each of our affiliation partners below.


The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is dedicated to building sustainable ecosystems around open source projects to accelerate technology development and industry adoption. Founded in 2000, the Linux Foundation provides unparalleled support for open source communities through financial and intellectual resources, infrastructure, services, events, and training. Working together, the Linux Foundation and its projects form the most ambitious and successful investment in the creation of shared technology. The Open Voice Network is proud to operate as an open source association of the Linux Foundation. Please visit the Linux Foundation website for more information.


China Netcasting Services Association (CNSA) Voice Committee

The China Netcasting Service Association (CNSA) Voice Committee was created in 2019 to focus exclusively on supporting the development of China’s Voice-Tech and Smart Audio industry. Members span across the industry with leading software/hardware manufacturers, IoT businesses, technology leaders, start-ups, and more. As an association, the CNSA Voice Committee also hosts China’s first and only industry conference focusing exclusively towards the voice-tech community, as well as creating industry standards. The CNSA Voice Committee believes that the future is voice-first, and they pledge to work closely to help facilitate the development of this market. For more information, please visit


The Conversation Design Institute

The Conversational Design Institute was founded in 2018 by Hans van Dam and Olaf Igesz on the belief that recognizing, developing, and promoting the conversation designer role is crucial to advancing trust and communication between humans and AI assistants.

Conversation Design Institute trains and certifies the people that make AI Assistants more helpful, human-centric, and successful.

These people will train language models, design conversations, and turn words into resonating dialogue.

With the rise of conversational AI, there are tremendous growth opportunities for people dedicating themselves to designing, deploying, and managing AI Assistants.



The Mission of DataEthics4All Foundation, a Public Benefit Corporation and Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) Certifying Organization is to raise awareness of the ethical use of AI, break down barriers of entry for people of color, girls, and women, and inform the next generation of ethics-first tech champions.

Our collaboration with Open Voice Network and the Linux Foundation will enable our community to learn about the important work being done in the Open Voice Technology space and develop much-needed AI and Tech skills. We are excited to bring these resources to our community to raise awareness of the ethical use of Data in Voice Tech.


Stanford University Open Virtual Assistant Lab (OVAL)

Stanford University’s Open Virtual Assistant Lab (OVAL) is a worldwide open-source initiative intended to confront three major challenges facing the future of this technology: avoiding fragmentation of the linguistic web, democratizing the power of natural language interfaces, and putting privacy back in the hands of consumers. OVAL believes the breakout success of voice assistants is a testament to the power of natural language interfaces but sees the potential of the linguistic web as being even bigger. OVAL envisions a future in which this potential is accessible, interoperable, and above all, worthy of our trust. For more information, please visit


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Ensuring voice technologies meet even the most demanding expectations

Voice Registry Service

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Helping government entities around the world adopt privacy protections

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