The Open Voice Network

Voice worthy of user trust.

What's New at OVON?

The importance of standards-based voice assistance.

Voice will soon become a common interface for every digital device. For consumer-facing industries, voice will significantly re-shape customer relationships and lift corporate productivity, accessibility, and inclusion. But what started as the world’s fastest adopted consumer technology may fall well short of its potential for acceptance and enterprise value. Research points to a “trust gap” that raises critical questions of privacy, data security, ease of use, brand protection, interoperability, and equal and unbiased access for individual and organizational users alike.

A proven way to close the trust gap – one pursued in the early days of other technologies – is through the communal development and adoption of standards and usage guidelines.

Welcome to the Open Voice Network. Voice worthy of user trust.

Introducing the Open Voice Network

The Open Voice Network is a neutral, non-profit industry association dedicated to the development of the standards and ethical use guidelines that will make voice worthy of user trust. It operates as a directed fund of The Linux Foundation, and is independently funded and governed.

The Open Voice Network is guided by these values:


Voice worthy of user trust. Individuals. Enterprise and entity decision-makers. Developers, designers, strategists, makers.
This is about privacy, security, dependability, and ease of use. Thanks to communally-developed standards and governance.


User choice. User data ownership and data control; the choice of assistants, providers, and devices.
Ecosystem choice. For enterprise users, developers, designers and strategists.
Architectural choice. Local host or global cloud.


Voice for everyone and every situation. Inclusivity and accessibility.


Standards-based building blocks. In open, proprietary, or hybrid implementations. A foundation for commercial differentiation and value.
Software and hardware.

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