Voice for everyone.

The Open Voice Network (OVN) seeks to create a future of artificial intelligence-enabled voice (AI-voice) that is open: standards-based, interoperable, accessible, and data-protected. 

The Importance of "Open" Voice

AI-voice assistance will soon be a primary interface for all digital devices, from smart speakers and smartphones to automobiles and appliances. It will have an impact across every phase of the shopper decision journey. Currently, a few major market leaders are the gatekeepers and hold access to data-rich communication from users to commerce brands.

Why Open Voice Network?

The OVN seeks to share voice with everyone by creating a future for AI-voice search, communication, and commerce that is open: standards-based, interoperable, accessible, and data-protected.

A small number of proprietary AI-voice market leaders have created proprietary, siloed, and gated AI-voice platforms and ecosystems. These platforms claim broad data rights.

As AI-voice grows, proprietary platforms will extract ever greater value and data from commerce brands, threatening consumers and all consumer-facing companies.

Commerce brands will see value from OVN through research that leads to global standards, advocacy of data and privacy issues, and interoperability that is essential for consumers and brands.

For the Benefit of the Many

OVN members will help shape the future of commerce – in increasingly critical issues of technology, competition, and commercial and personal information privacy – for the benefit of consumers and brands.

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